A Week at Frebbie’s

A Week at Frebbie’s free download is a horror video game for PC. This is a game in the Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) series, it was created specifically for FNAF fans with the new and upgraded smooth.

A Week at Frebbie’s is one of the great games on the FNAF fan games list.

A Week at Frebbie's Screenshot


A Week at Frebbie’s opened with a welcome at Frebbie’s Fun house. This is a place with a lot of fun and interesting. At Frebbie’s Fun house, the kids can get through the chimney and climb up the rope to get into the house. They can then host a house party in their room, with chicken and french fried  and some desserts like cakes.


On the third day when his friends and he all went out to play, left the Frebbie’s house. There is a new location and are hiring for all positions apart from the job such as the night shift guard. So please come and take the job if you feel suitable.

This Game Features

Awesome OST

Custom Models and Maps

Scares and Jumpscares

Creepy Ambience and Flashing Images

With the upgrade from the image quality to the creepy sound in the game, you can feel the great feeling throughout the game experience and mission in Frebbie’s house.


Nickisawsome74 to be in charge of Main Idea and designs

TickTock : Programming and Models

Scott Cawthon: FNAF

We do not claim to, or own FNAF. FNAF belongs to Scott Cawthon.


A Week at Frebbie’s for PC was uploaded by gamejolt user OLD ACCOUNT.

One of the fantastic games added to the FNAF fan games is this game. Since it is presently only available on PC, we encourage you to download it and play it. The game will suitable for horror game fans.


A Week at Frebbie's Screenshot

A Week at Frebbie's Screenshot

A Week at Frebbie's Screenshot

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