Abandoned: Discovery Island 3.0

Abandoned: Discovery Island 3.0 free download. If you love horror, explore, and experience this game right away.

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Abandoned: Discovery Island 3.0 Story

The story begins when a group of tourists decides to explore the abandoned island. The island is called Discovery Island. The island used to be a famous amusement park with some areas designed in Mickey Mouse character style and a Disney cartoon character development factory.

However, when employees and tourists secretly arrived at the island, they discovered that the island was abandoned and became a shelter for ghostly creatures. The monsters begin to lurk and attack the main group of tourists and players.

The story progresses when players discover the truth behind the abandonment of Discovery Island. And they have to overcome challenges and dangers to escape from the survival island.

Abandoned: Discovery Island 3.0 brings horror and attractive experiences for players. At the same time, more deeply discovered the world of the FNAF fan games list and the abandoned islands that are harmless but overwhelming.


Abandoned’s gameplay: Discovery Island 3.0 is like other FNAF games in the series. You will play a maintenance staff working on an abandoned island called Discovery Island. Your mission is to control and monitor mascots on the island throughout the year.

The game uses a simple console with the use of mice and a keyboard. So you need to monitor the movement of animals through the camera and window system. If any animal approaches or enters your position, you must use defensive measures to avoid being attacked.

The game has many different difficulties, from easy to difficult, and mascots will also become more dangerous and smarter every night. So you must find out the location of each animal and use energy sources effectively so as not to be attacked.

In addition, this game also has a rich storyline with mysteries and investigating abandoned islands, helping to increase the appeal and stimulation for players.

Overview, play of Abandoned: Discovery Island 3.0 FNAF games are very thrilled and nervous. The game requires players to be able to manage resources and reflect quickly to complete the task. If you are FNAF fan games and love horror games, then you should try Abandoned: Discovery Island 3.0.


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