Afton INC

Afton INC. is one of the top horror Five Nights at Freddy’s fan-made games. Embark on the newest part-time job and survive until the challenge stops!

Afton INC
Afton INC

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Note! It is the reference for the new version called AftonINC : Rebirthed (Official) by AftonINC_Blake.

You will play the latest challenge in a dark place. It is a haunted building set in a vintage theme.

In which, you will have to find out every tactic to deal with Hopkins a British Hare along with his gang. All of them are animatronic mascots and they actually look creepy.

You’d better prepare for the night shift carefully because they are able to cause the death of you. Whenever they break into your room, they can jump and capture you. Not only that, you will be killed.

Aside from using active tools around the area, you should manipulate your smartness to block the enemy.

Each opponent is possessed and they have not the same movement pattern. They are also cunning and these machines know how to evade your surveillance system.

It’s entirely free to download and enjoy Afton INC. your way! Can you protect your life and become the winner? Let’s enter the location now!

Silverwolf_wicher @Blake_silverwolf

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