Animator’s Hell

Animator’s Hell is a horror puzzle Five Nights at Freddy’s inspired fan game. It’s entirely downloadable! Dive into the newest mission and become the winner safely!

Animator's Hell
Animator’s Hell

Take a trip through Animator’s Hell

It’s time to travel around the most dangerous place to help something strange feel comfortable!

Join the ultimate FNaF Animation mashup and get ready to meet a series of animators from the FNaF Animation community. There are plenty of characters that own different mechanics and voices.

Meanwhile, it’s feasible to customize the offices. The workplace of night watchmen will bring back a unique experience as your preference.

Do not ignore the custom music compositions and Challenge Modes! You will be able to delve deeper into the realm of Hell through various objectives. Keep calm and make use of the devices available!

Play like a security guard you should carry out rightful activities promptly. Some scary creatures are also watching you. If they are not blocked in time, they will invade your room and kidnap you.

Download Animator’s Hell and you can check out your own survival ability for free. It promises to be an exciting adventure limited inside a dark building. Can you survive until you conquer every goal? Good luck!


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