Animatronic Salvage


Animatronic Salvage, which is for free download on our website, is an interesting fan-made that is inspirited by the series Five Nights At Freddy’s. It is greatly recommended for all horror fans who want to experience horrible moments.

Essentially, the game takes inspiration from the salvage part in Five Nights At Freddy’s 6 as well as the Funtime Freddy part in Sister Location. At the moment, the game only includes the rockstar animatronics. More animatronics will be added in the near future.

Animatronic Salvage
Animatronic Salvage

All you need to do in the game is to follow instructions that are shown on the tablet and try to prevent jumpscares as possible. We want to let you know that when Rockstar Freddy moves, you need to give him an electronic shock while for Rockstar Bonnie, you have to play guitar for him. He will retreat after some seconds. And with Rockstar Chica, keep the music playing to avoid her but if she moves, change the song immediately. The darkness will make Rockstar Foxy reset, so you need to kill the light if he moves.


  • Alt+Enter  to play in Fullscreen mode
  • Press ‘S’ – Monitor
  • Press and hold ‘Ctrl’ cut power (Foxy)

Don’t hesitate to download Animatronic Salvage for free and try to survive these animatronics.

MysticMCMFP @MysticMC-MFP

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