Bonnie Simulator

Bonnie Simulator is a strategy Fnaf fan-made game. It brings back a strange mission that is different from what you did in the past. Can you help Bonnie finish his job?

Bonnie Simulator
Bonnie Simulator

Bonnie Simulator & Fan Simulator released

There are two versions that you can join and explore your way.

In the current edition, you will not play like a security guard working the night shift from midnight anymore. In fact, you will start as a scary animatronic mascot possessed.

Hence, your challenge will have some changes. What you need to implement in the latest adventure is to capture the night watchman. More importantly, you must complete your goal before the clock hits 6 AM!

It is not a simple task because you will be followed always and blocked. In order to reach the office and catch the man, you should avoid cameras and suddenly appear in his room. Try not to cause too much noise or he can hear!

Bonnie Simulator is a classic FNaF simulator free to download. Enjoy and see if how long you can jump! Don’t ignore the instruction to run your game as smooth as you want! Additionally, visit the shop to buy some stuff! They can be amazing upgrades. Good luck!


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