CHROMATOSE is a fan-made horror game where you enjoy a role-playing game in a 2D visual novel world. The game mainly focuses on an appealing overarching story, meaningful decision, and relationships between characters. It is for free download on our website.

You will take the role of the main character who wakes from in a weird nightmare after a long fall that should have finished your life. Amnesiac strangers around you also get lost in this horrible world for their specific reasons. All you need to do is find the way for escaping the collective nightmare within 12 hours only or you will never awake.


    Everyone has their specific corner of the thrilling nightmare, from the school trapped under the ocean to the large MMA arena. Travel through worlds, try to recover their mind and eventually help them get out of this hellish nightmare.

  • This game shows out “colorful” character system. Each of the characters has their own weaknesses and virtues. When you connect with them, your relationships become a benefit in battles.
  • Your decisions will impact directly how you fight in combats.
  • When other characters’ virtues impact you, you will obtain colored cards with unique effects to fight against the nightmarish monsters.

Don’t hesitate to download CHROMATOSE for free here. Can you survive for 12 hours and escape the hellish nightmare?

ChromatoseDev @ChromatoseDev


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