Curtain Call 2

Curtain Call 2 is designed to be one of the most enjoyable games that is highly recommended for all people who love the horror genre. It is where you are able to have experiences full of thrilling and creepy. Download it for free here.

Curtain Call 2
Curtain Call 2

Actually, the game takes ideas from the well-known series Five Nights At Freddy’s. It comes with familiar things but also as its own attraction. You definitely will be surprised by the unique look of animatronic characters as well as the game’s graphics.


The game brings all of you to immerse yourself into a terrible story in which you will take the role of the main character.

The story sets in a lonely cabin in the forest where you are alone to have unforgettable experiences. The white noise from your monitor attracts you. Your feet are full of soil. Outside the window, the drizzle still pours down.

At this moment, thunder and lightning illuminate the vast sky. It is time for monstrous beings to rise from the ashes of what would have been. They are trying their best to find out that of which they have been seeking all these years. It is you…

Are you able to survive these dangerous monstrous beings? Quickly download Curtain Call 2 for free here and continue the story.


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