Custom Night (Ffpc DLC)

Custom Night (Ffpc DLC) is a horror Five Nights at Freddy’s inspired game. Fight against multiple scary animatronic characters and survive to escape from the building!

Custom Night
Custom Night

Download Custom Night (Ffpc DLC)

You will have the chance to meet up with various enemies who look like the foes in the original FNAF series. Your mission is to stay alive at the moment when the challenge ends (6 AM).


Your story will take place in a spooky location. You are trapped. In which, there are plenty of aggressive creatures lurking in the shadows.

Before facing them, you are capable of resetting their difficulty level or the AI, from 0 to 20. That change will affect the point value and the high score you obtain.

Similar to the Custom Night in FNAF games, you can hit the GO button to begin your adventure.

Each of the rivals has unique movement patterns. But, all of them will use jumps to scare and make you lose.

Custom Night (Ffpc DLC) is a free download Five Nights at Freddy’s fan game. You can play and gain lots of bonuses with items. More importantly, you must solve the puzzle and seek out strategies to deal with wandering animatronics!


Lazy Guy Games @Mate0Slayer

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