Endoskeleton’s Debauchery Quest

Endoskeleton’s Debauchery Quest, which is for free download on our website, is created as an interesting fan-made game that takes inspiration from the globally well-received horror game Five Nights At Freddy’s of Scott Cawthon. It is actually not any official games of the original author but it also certainly gives all of us a very great experience so let’s welcome it!

Endoskeleton's Debauchery Quest
Endoskeleton’s Debauchery Quest

In fact, the game was made by three creators at all. Firstly, it is FangTheFreak who is the original person who came up with the game as well as made ideas for it. Secondly, it is Protosnivy who came up with many dialogues and also made ideas, and the last one is Sonic42303, who took responsibility for putting the game together in RPG Maker VX Ace and he also contributed ideas.

The game comes along with a small story in which the main character is the 90’s Endoskeleton. He is angry that Freddy and Co. decided to go for a vacation without him. As a result, he now really wants to revenge and destroy them by having his night of debauchery.

The game consists of:

  • Spooky scary skeletons
  • 4 places
  • 4 acts as well
  • Dozens of new enemies!
  • Many hot Collections
  • Skeleton Chair
  • And a lot more

Don’t hesitate any more and quickly download Endoskeleton’s Debauchery Quest for free here!


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