Fazbear Entertainment: Chapter 1

Fazbear Entertainment: Chapter 1 is a free horror Fnaf fan game that is available to download. Play against animatronic characters and survive to win levels!

Fazbear Entertainment: Chapter 1
Fazbear Entertainment: Chapter 1

Animatronic robots that you are going to see in the game are similar to models in Five Nights at Freddy’s. In the new playfield, they will be your enemies.

Meanwhile, you play like a security guard working the night shift at Fazbear Entertainment. It is a creepy place where some mysterious disappearances are unsolved.

To win and get a paycheck, you need to escape from every deadly attack of those robots. It’s essential for you to block them before they can catch you.

Note that the present Whole Game is chapter 1, not just Night 1!

Here is the list of animatronics that will appear in nights:

  • Night 1: Spinofan, Elscamon.
  • Night 2: RandomBoi1987, TheBoofster, Glitch5970.
  • Night 3/4: HipLawyerCat26, @FluorescentGames, TheManiacMartian, TheBoofster.
  • Night 5: @FluorescentGames.

Download Fazbear Entertainment: Chapter 1 and experience it now!


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5/5 - (1 vote)

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