FazHonker is one of the most distinctive fan games inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s. It’s now available for all ages to download and experience!


About the mission in FazHonker

You may not believe that you can interact with animatronics from the horror FNaF series. But, it’s true!

You will be required to constantly click on the nose of an important mascot living in a vintage restaurant. That job can take you an entire half an hour or less to accomplish and reach the end.

Don’t worry! It’s hard to encounter deadly jumpscares as in FNaF games.

What you need to implement is pretty simple. However, the result can make you feel comfortable.

After clicks, you will earn much more money. It is the most significant resource to unlock stuff in the shop.

In other words, you can purchase items and upgrade the pizzeria you manage your way. It should become a thriving chain.

Furthermore, you are able to buy newer robotic employees such as Freddies, alongside accessories and decor.

Moreover, you will receive random messages from everybody that you love or something including a mysterious joke.

Download FazHonker free and play your challenge smartly! Aside from gathering cash, you need to control objects and use them reasonably. Don’t bother about jumps!


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