FeedBee and Friends: Left to Rock

FeedBee and Friends: Left to Rock is one of the most enjoyable fan-made games. It is highly recommended for the fan community of the horror genre. It is a fun game, not an official one. But it promises to bring all of you a very thrilling experience.

FeedBee and Friends: Left to Rock
FeedBee and Friends: Left to Rock

The game is inspirited by the original well-known Five Nights At Freddy’s series but it does not follow the basic pilot of the original.

This game takes place in a dark building with a narrow space in which your mission is to defeat FredBee as soon as possible. The gameplay of this game is quite simple and straightforward.

All you need to do is to use the light to have a clearer view in the darkness. There are two doors. If you see FredBee suddenly appearing in front of your eye, you have to quickly press Space from your keyboard to throw an object at this animatronic. Try to be as fast as possible. If not, animatronics will come close to you and… jumpscare! Jumpscares can make you jump at any time. Be careful!

In short, all you need to do in this game is to attempt to defeat Fredbee quickly in order to rescue mankind. Of course, we need your sanity.

Download FeedBee and Friends: Left to Rock for free here and enjoy it right now.


Garrett Tube @GarrettTubeGames

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