Five Nights at Arias 2: Remake

Five Nights at Arias 2: Remake free download. This is a remake version of the game Five Nights at Arias 2. This is a part of the famous horror series in the FNAF fan games list.

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Five Nights at Arias 2: Remake Story

The story of the game revolves around the main character Arias. This is a guy who has just received a night job at a famous pizza restaurant.

Not long after starting to work, Arias quickly realized this restaurant had a dark secret. The trio of scary doll characters including Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, and Chica possess supernatural powers. And organize themselves throughout the night. The goal of Arias is to survive for 5 nights before the president of the restaurant disappears.

During the game, players must use a camera system to monitor the positions in the restaurant, especially the room and the main hall. The main character has many self-defense measures but must also be cautious because the cruel doll trio will try to attack Arias at all times.

The game recreates the original version’s horror, tense, and difficult feeling. In addition, it also provides some new features such as improving graphics, scary audio effects, and optimal gameplay mechanisms. Five Nights at Arias 2: Remake gives players a wonderful horror experience in the dark world of the trio of evil dolls.


In this game, FNAF fan games will play a security guard monitoring nights and protecting a theater haunted by animated Animatronic dolls. The goal of the player is to survive 5 nights before everything becomes too scary.

The gameplay of this game was built based on previous parts in the series of FNAF games. Players will have to use security systems such as cameras and electric ports to monitor and control the Animatronic dolls moving in the theater and prevent them from reaching the player. These dolls will become dangerous and attack if they appear too close to players.

Five Nights at Arias 2: Remake has a limited time and the score will be calculated based on the ability to survive over the nights. Players need to pay attention to energy and recharge in the game to avoid attacks. Animatronic dolls will become smarter and more difficult over the night, creating a sense of stress and drama for players.


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