Five Nights at Arias: Remake

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Five Nights at Arias: Remake free download. The game promises to bring players’ scary and unforgettable experiences to the FNAF fan games list. There will be many mysteries and wolves in the game, requiring players to cleverly use their talents to manage, observe, and respond quickly to survive.

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Five Nights at Arias: Remake Story

The story revolves around the main character a young guy named Aria. This person is responsible for working at night at a scary doll factory.

Players will control Aria for 5 nights, from Christmas night to Sunday night. Every night, Aria’s phone will receive a call from the manager. That person named Gabriel, guided him about work and the dangers he faced. Gabriel also provides ARIA with important information about spooky dolls in the factory.

In the factory, there are a total of 6 spooky dolls that Aria needs to monitor and stay away from. Each doll has its personality and operation. Some of them will stand still in a room. While the others will move around the factory to try to attack Aria.

ARIA has a security map to help track doll movements and images of surrounding areas. He also has a door system and control lights to keep the doll unable to reach him. However, ARIA must use electricity to consider, because if the electricity runs out, the dolls will have the opportunity to attack him.


In this game, players will play as a night security guard at Arias restaurant. This is where robots automatically interact with customers at night. The goal of the game is to maintain safety and keep employees from attacks by scary robots.

The gameplay of the game is quite similar to the original version. Players will have to use the security camera system to monitor the area in the restaurant and see the moving robot.

You can also close and lock them to prevent them from approaching your office. In addition, the main character also has a camera to monitor and record incidents that occur during the night.

However, this game also has new and improved parts compared to the original version. The game has improved graphics, sound, and effects. This creates a scary and more obsessive space for FNAF fan games. The robots are also redesigned and have more new skills and features, increasing the feeling of stress and nervousness during the game.


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