Five Nights at Chuck’s 2

Five Nights at Chuck’s 2 is unofficial game of the well-received FNAF series. If you are a regular fan of FNAC 1, it is very pity if you miss the second part.

Five Nights at Chuck's 2
Five Nights at Chuck’s 2

As mentioned above, this is a sequel of the horror series Five Nights At Chuck’s. If you like the first part, you will enjoy the second one too. The story of this second game is a continuation of the first game.


The game brings us to the year 2025.

After the mysterious event that animatronic robots at Chuck’s Italian Pizzeria unexpectedly were destroyed by an unknown person, the company decided to put all of them to the storage. After that, they intend to create completely new animatronics for the upcoming establishment of Chuck The Cheetah and Friends.

In fact, the owner of Chuck The Cheetah and Friends Entertainment comes up with an exciting idea and prepare for a big step for the company. Specifically, the next establishment has been said that it is not a diner or a pizzeria, but it is an even better location and more fun and friendly for children and adults.

And now you are hired to work as a night guard at the animatronic warehouse for five nights. What will happen next to you>?

Download Five Nights at Chuck’s 2 for free here and explore the rest of the story.


FNAChuck’s Dev Team @ChucksDevTeam

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