Five Nights at Chuck’s Android Collection

Five Nights at Chuck’s Android Collection is a unique collection of the original Five Nights At Chuck’s that players are able to play it on Android devices. This collection consists of three parts of the original FNAC. Specifically:

Five Nights at Chuck's Android Collection
Five Nights at Chuck’s Android Collection

Five Nights at Chuck’s 1: This game takes place in Chuck The Cheetah’s Italian Pizzeria that the main attraction is animatronic characters. These robots are used to sing and dance on the stage to entertain children and adults. However, they unpredictably behave strangely at night. They want to rip out your insides. Never mind. You will be fine.

Five Nights At Chuck’s 2: Animatronics at Chuck’s Italian Pizzeria were mysteriously destroyed. And they eventually were put to the storage. The company decided to create completely new animatronics for the establishment of Chuck The Cheetah and Friends where is intended to be a better place for children and adults. You are hired to work at night shift in the animatronic warehouse.

Five Nights At Chuck’s 3: At this time, the game happens around a new location named “Chuck the Cheetah and Petey The Panther’s Pizza”. It is a fun-filled pizzeria with adorable characters. And you are working at this place as a nightguard. What will happen to you next?

Now download Five Nights at Chuck’s Android Collection for free here and play this game on your Android whenever you want.


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