Five Nights At Heavy’s 2

Five Nights At Heavy’s 2 is a horror survival FNAF fan-made game. It’s free to download and join a threatening challenge where you must escape from monsters to survive!

Five Nights At Heavy’s 2 Available

It is the second chapter of the Five Nights At Heavy’s series. It’s also the sequel to the first Five Nights At Heavy’s game.

Take part in the continuation that is much better and much hardcore.


You will play like a spy of the Blu team. However, that job is not essential.

You were searching for the next intelligence. However, something went wrong.

Somebody and more is surrounding you. They can attack you whenever. Therefore, it seems to be a sleepless night.

It’s not pretty comfortable to spend such a weekend. The most important or dangerous moment can happen in the office.

Each control for the items around the room can cut down power quickly. Hence, it’s necessary to manage this resource carefully.

Don’t ignore the mask! Wearing it can fool some rivals for a while.

Five Nights At Heavy’s 2 is one of the Five Nights at Freddy’s fan games. In which, you have to defend your life from roaming, lurking foes until the end.


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