Five Nights at Smudger’s 3

Five Nights at Smudger’s 3 is a horror game that is highly recommended for all fans of the well-known series Five Nights At Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon. In fact, it is not an official game of the original creators, but it still brings all of us memorable experiences like the original. Now you can download it for free on our website and enjoy it right now.

Five Nights at Smudger's 3
Five Nights at Smudger’s 3


The game comes along with a thrilling story in which you will have terrifying experiences.

The Mid Sodor Railway has been closed down its door two times. A long time later, it has been brought back to be a museum. At this time, it consists of many attractions including a real-life railway in order to take tours around the museum, a gallery consisting of a lot of old pictures and models about the engines that used to work here.

At the moment, the museum is opening in Halloween, and the company of this museum decides to organize horror tours that travel around the museum coming along with the frightening myths about Smudger and Duke the missing engine.

What will happen in these horror tours around this establishment?

If you want to explore more, you can download Five Nights at Smudger’s 3 for free here and find out the rest of the story.


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