Five Nights At Sonic’s 1 REDON

Five Nights At Sonic’s 1 REDON is a fan game of Five Nights at Freddy’s. Hop into the position and embark on a challenging mission your way!

Five Nights At Sonic's 1 REDON
Five Nights At Sonic’s 1 REDON

About Five Nights At Sonic’s 1 REDON

It is a game created by a community. The new story starts in the office of a building called Sonic’s Hero Pizza Place. Everything around looks dark and dangerous.

In such a creepy place, you will work as a security guard, from 12 to 6 AM, for a week. Staying alive on the final day will be the most important key to help you earn money. Can you live to disclose the secret or lose on the beginning night?

In REDON, you will find out something different from Five Nights At Sonic’s 1. More importantly, you must keep your life safe until you become the winner.

There are two entrances that you should control their doors skillfully. They can block and let your enemy enter whenever. Watch out! Besides, you’d better pay attention to vulnerable points and establish barricades properly.

Five Nights At Sonic’s 1 REDON is free to download. Are you ready to join that part-time job and defeat every lurking evil robot? Good luck!


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