Five Nights in Anime 3D

Five Nights in 3D anime is a survival and clicking game, in which you play a security guard at an anime fair in 2025. Five Nights in Anime 3D free download. So you do not need to worry about money when playing games! This game is on the FNAF fan games list. If you are a genuine fan of the game, let’s experience it now.

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This game includes sexy anime robots to entertain anime lovers and perform periodic concerts while they read manga, watch anime and discuss which female characters in Japanese anime have the largest breasts.

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You must directly observe and use the camera and door to avoid being caught by anime robots. However, you only have a limited amount of power, so be careful!

You have to make it through five nights while keeping an eye on all of the facility’s seductive but sinister animatronics, including Ballora, Bonnet, Fredbear, Funtime Chica, El Chip, Helpy, The Pupper, Rockstar Bonnie, Rockstar Freddy, Scrap Baby, Shadow Bonnie, and Spring-Bonnie. This time, the obstacle is new, so you will need to be astute and pay attention to them or you risk having a “hard time” with them.

You will need to keep two lateral rooms with unique animatronics at bay. In addition, there are eight rooms you may watch with your cameras and a front room where animatronics may appear if you don’t use your flashlight. Therefore, if you don’t want one of these sexy-evil things to catch you, please remember everything and observe how they behave.

This game does not contain adult content and does not have any porn content. It is just a fictional game and has no intention of harm or mocking any individual. This game is a parody and is not meant to cause anyone any damage or to make fun of them in any way. Just for fun, really! (and difficulty!) So please, be relaxed.

If you are Otakus, you like Japanese games but want to innovate into horror style, do not miss this game. Five Nights in Anime 3D for PC. So you can conveniently download and experience the game right on the device.

It seems like a pleasant place to spend the day. You obviously aren’t just passing through. The animatronics are interested in learning more about you because you are on the night watch. Best FNAF fan games list here, if you want to experience new things, do not miss this game!

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4.3/5 - (7 votes)
4.3/5 - (7 votes)

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