Five Night’s of Flirting

Free download Five Night’s of Flirting and unravel every secret for the murders at a creepy location! Don’t forget to fix all of the haunted animatronic robots!

Five Night's of Flirting game

Five Night’s of Flirting Story

They are two jobs that you should complete when you enter Freddy’s pizzeria. While moving, you can make friends or fall in love with one or more people. Can you last 5 nights at that building?

Note that it is a one-person project that the developer worked on for 2 whole months to customize the entire game! He is also working through a rough time. So, you can experience something new.

In which, you have to encounter a lot of dangers. To win, you should defend yourself from every deadly robotic character. Once you stay alive at the end of the journey, you can escape.

Five Night’s of Flirting will introduce to you a series of puzzles to solve. Try to finish your adventure in time!

This is one of the FNAF Fan games, which we just updated.


This game can look cute with some unique characters from the anime. But when you get to the night, you’ll know how thrilling they are. You need to focus and try not to escape their pursuit.

These monsters also have a strange habit. They can lead you to a conundrum and end your life. The developer created a lot of monsters and characters in this game. You can get more by downloading more updates from our site. This is a free 2D horror game for Windows users.

The free download of Five Night’s of Flirting has been updated. You can start downloading now!


Five Night's of Flirting gameplay

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4.6/5 - (5 votes)
4.6/5 - (5 votes)

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