Five Nights with Mac Tonight 2 Update

Five Nights with Mac Tonight 2 free download. It is a game not to be missed by anyone looking for a new turning point in the famous horror franchise.

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Five Nights with Mac Tonight 2 Story

This game is created by FNAF fan games. The game takes the player to the position of a security guard working the night shift. This game takes place at a fast food restaurant named Mac tonight. The game takes place in the same universe with five nights at Freddy’s games but with a unique turning point on cartoon characters.

For five nights with the game, players have to have difficult nights when they try to avoid becoming cartoon characters at restaurants at night. The game has strong gameplay, fear, and a dark atmosphere. And more frightening will keep players next to their seats.

When the night progresses, players will see new cartoon characters. They have their own unique abilities and behaviors. You must use intelligence and strategic thinking. The main purpose is to overcome these characters and survive in the night.

Overall, Five Nights with Mac Tonight 2 is a thrilling game such as a game in the FNAF fan games list. The challenging game will appear for five nights of fans in Freddy’s series. The game has an attractive gameplay and a spooky atmosphere.


In this game, players will take on the role of a night security guard. The location is at Fast Food Mac Tonight restaurant. This is the place where a mysterious clown robot.

The gameplay of this game focuses on the use of camera and door systems. The purpose is to monitor and prevent Mac tonight from attacking you. You will have to pay attention to the location of the Mac Tonight through the camera system. From there close the door to prevent them closer.

In addition, you must also manage your energy to avoid running out of battery. And avoid unexpected attacks. The game challenges your survival. And the Mac Tonight will become smarter. From there create a horror and stressful gaming experience.


In the game, there are several main characters including:

Mac Tonight: The main character of the game. This is a registered ghost in the robot
The Butler: A new character was introduced in the second part of the game.
The McMoon: Another version of Mac Tonight, appears in the game to create stress for the player.


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