Five Unreal Nights at Freddy’s LEGACY EDITION

Five Unreal Nights at Freddy’s LEGACY EDITION, which is for free download here on our website, is made to be an interesting fan-made game inspirited by the famous horror game Five Nights At Freddy of Scott Cawthon. It promises to bring all of us many unforgettable experiences.

Five Unreal Nights at Freddy's LEGACY EDITION
Five Unreal Nights at Freddy’s LEGACY EDITION


You will take the role of the main character who is looking for a summer job. And now you are hired as a security guard at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, a great place for children and parents to visit for entertainment and food! The main attraction of this pizzeria is Freddy Fazbear, and his two friends.

They are animatronic robots used to make the crowds happy! However, no one can explain why the behavior of these animatronics has become somewhat strange and unpredictable at night. Therefore, they want to hire you as a security guard instead of finding a repairman for cost savings

Your job is to watch and monitor carefully the security cameras to make sure the security of this place. However, you have a limited amount of electricity use per night. In order words, once you run out of power for the night, it will have no more security doors and no more lights! If you realize Freddy Fazbear or his friends are not in their places, you have to check and find them on the camera and remember to protect yourself if needed!

Don’t hesitate to download Five Unreal Nights at Freddy’s LEGACY EDITION for free here!



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