FNAF Minigame Maker

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FNAF Minigame Maker is a Five Nights at Freddy’s fan game with strange gameplay. It’s free for all ages to download, play, and experience the new story!

FNAF Minigame Maker

About FNAF Minigame Maker

This is the summary of the development process.

We have a game about doing your FNAF Minigames.

It is a Beta V 4.0 of the game.

How to control characters

Learn about the following guide and you’ll soon know the best way to depart or act.

Manage Freddy carefully to conquer levels. The project must restart if he falls down.

C to head to Freddy

Click in the arrow to activate the plan. Click the pause button to pause it.

Hit the Save icon to save

Increase the movement speed for them with Shift while still controlling WASD keys

Left Mouse to put and Right Mouse to delete

Left/Right-click on the Purple Guy icon to make him go forward or return through the items.

Q to connect to the Hotbar

Right-click to move Freddy/Cake

WASD to rotate cameras

Take part in the new adventure of FNAF Minigame Maker Free Download and uncover some secrets from FNAF. It’s time you visit the creepy pizzeria and interact with the old enemies from the original edition!

This is one of the cool FNAF fan games we just updated


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4.5/5 - (4 votes)
4.5/5 - (4 votes)
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