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FNAF Special Delivery No-Ar free download. This is a famous game based on the horror game FNAF fan games list. This game has a special story with the main character, No-Ar. Let’s find out now.

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FNAF Special Delivery No-Ar story

No-Ar is a security officer who is responsible for controlling and controlling powerful robots called Animatronics. The game takes place in a distribution center where the player will have to deliver to customers using the actual expansion effect service (AR).

However, everything quickly becomes ugly when No-Ar realizes that Animatronics is no longer in the safe state as at the beginning. They were faulty and became murdered, always trying to attack No-Ar. No-Ar must use tools and equipment in the game to protect themselves from Animatronics’s attacks.

The story in the game Fnaf Special Delivery No-Ar revolves around the survival battle of No-Ar to the devastation and death of robots that have become crazy and dangerous.


FNAF Special Delivery No-Ar is a special edition game of Five Nights at Freddy’s Special Delivery. The game does not resemble a Character AR (enhanced reality). This game does not use AR technology to simulate the characters in the real world.

The gameplay of FNAF Special Delivery No-Ars is similar to the original version. Players will role-play as maintenance employees and take the task of managing bizarre robots. Your mission is to fight these robots and maintain safety from 12 pm to 6 am. You need to use tools and equipment in the game to prevent the penetration of robots.

Although this game does not have the appearance of AR, it still retains the drama and tension of previous versions. You will have to use the oven, sheep eyes, monitoring equipment, and other tools to keep the robots from reaching you. If you are unsuccessful, they will attack you and end the game.


No-Ar is a character in the game FNAF Special Delivery. He is a faulty version of Foxy’s character, with a special shape and color. No-Ar has long metal biceps and bright red eyes.

With dramatic gameplay and true graphics, FNAF Special Delivery No-Ar brings horror and attractive experiences for FNAF fan games. You will have to use intuition and skill to survive in this dangerous environment. Can you help No-Ar through all the challenges and survival?


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3.4/5 - (9 votes)
3.4/5 - (9 votes)

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