FNaF: The Bunker

FNaF: The Bunker is a horror-action Five Nights at Freddy’s inspired fan game. Start off with an innocent night watchman and your mission is to stay alive. Can you complete your job excellently?

FNaF: The Bunker
FNaF: The Bunker

About FNaF: The Bunker

FNaF: The Bunker is a thrilling adventure for those who are looking for an experience similar to FNaF by Scott.

  • You are hired to work at a haunted vintage restaurant in the local.
  • As a security guard, you need to supervise everything in the building. However, your job will begin and end via a system of surveillance cameras.
  • While you cannot leave the office, something is still roaming throughout areas. Not only that, those scary creatures are trying to enter your space.
  • In order to fulfill your task and become the winner, it is extremely necessary to block them! Otherwise, the consequence you get is really unthinkable.
  • By pointing and clicking on devices around the room and saving the supply properly, you can escape and level up.
  • During the Emergency Lockdown Situation, you are capable of earning credits to upgrade your ELS stats. Moreover, you will unlock more characters and maps.

Are you longing to get FNaF: The Bunker and check out procedures right now? In any case or puzzles, you must act wisely and carefully. Good luck!


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