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Fnia 1: Android free download. The game will put you on an adventure hidden behind the Fazbear Entertainment restaurant and the dangers of the new Androids.

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Fnia 1: Android Story

The story of the game “Fnia 1: Android of FNAF Game” takes place in a future era. This is when scientists have developed advanced Android technology. In this game, you take the role of a young engineer named Mike Smith.

Previously, the company succeeded in creating a range of animatronics for their entertainment companies. But more and more incidents have happened, Animatronics became dangerous and attacked employees. This leads to the death of many people.

Therefore, Fazbear Entertainment decided to shift to Android development, automatically cloned with the task of running a restaurant and security. With Mike’s role, you will be assigned to upgrade and check the features of these Android before putting them into operation.

However, the mysteries related to Fazbear Entertainment restaurant in a while had never disappeared. When you start working, you begin to detect strange incidents and supernatural phenomena related to Android. It would help if you found out the secret behind the scary masks and their sparkling eyes.


In the game, the player will play as a guard with the task of monitoring a teddy bear factory. Your task is to ensure your safety and prevent the haunted teddy bears in the factory.

You will have to take care of everything in the factory, like tracking security cameras to see if the teddy bears approach you. If you see any teddy bear begin to approach, you must quickly close the isolation to prevent them.

However, you face not only the teddy bear but also the bearing bears. Each bear is designed in its own way, and you must master the way to fight them. If a temporary teddy bear does not fail, they will overflow the door and attack you.

The gameplay of this game requires you to observe well, react quickly, and have good time management. You must handle all dangerous situations in a smart and effective way, otherwise, you will lose and the game will end.

Although simple as a game, this game has captivated millions of players worldwide by combining horror and challenging elements. If you are FNAF fan games, this is a great choice to experience on your Android device.


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3.2/5 - (8 votes)
3.2/5 - (8 votes)
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