FredBear’s Fright

Join FredBear’s Fright, a free-to-download Five Nights at Freddy’s fan game, and embark on a dangerous mission! Shall you be able to stay alive at 6 AM after fending off deadly jumps?

FredBear's Fright
FredBear’s Fright

FredBear’s Fright hides another terror

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, a restaurant, shut down for a long time. Then, FunFrights Inc. has determined to generate a new horror attraction. They decided to build up that location and they wanted to exhibit the tragic history of Fazbear Entertainment.

Meanwhile, the old dinners are chosen to search for tools. They have been fixed up and the boss seemed to be planned to create a Halloween-themed area.

The destination is almost ready for opening. And, the owner is looking for a guard.

You will play like a night watchman. The shift begins from midnight to 6 AM. Within that period, you will be threatened and annoyed by many animatronic mascots and more.

The best way to evade every annoyance is to block them from invading your office. In fact, they are very dangerous. Their jumpscares are considered lethal attacks. Can you defend your life from these monsters until the last moment?

An outdated camera system will help you discover their images while they’re roaming. Besides, you can use a few available devices.

FredBear’s Fright is free to get. It is made to bring back a feeling as in the classic chapters: FNAF 1-3 by Scott. Download and experience every stage alone!


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