Freddy’s Mad Pizza Toss (A Game & Watch styled fan game)

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Freddy’s Mad Pizza Toss is a fun fan game with the game & watch style. You will help Freddy defeat all enemies by tossing pizzas.

Freddy's Mad Pizza Toss
Freddy’s Mad Pizza Toss

Not all Five Nights at Freddy’s fan games follow the traditional five-night gameplay mechanics. The title above is a typical title for this. Instead of bringing you a horror adventure with the free-roaming mechanic, it brings you a fun battle between Freddy and enemies. Now, you will give your character a hand since lots of enemies are attempting to attack him. Having a gun in hand, you must use it smartly to shoot and throw all pizzas at enemies to defeat them. As you play, you have to dodge their attacks. You need to help Freddy move as well as shoot the pizzas at the same time for a better result. Defeating all enemies gives you victory.

To play Freddy’s Mad Pizza Toss on PC, you can use some simple controls. For instance, you use Up and Down arrow keys to move Freddy and Spacebar to launch pizzas at enemies. The game is free to download, so you can play it for fun.

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