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Fronnie Simulator 2 free download. With charismatic stories and gameplay, this game has attracted the attention of a community of players around the world.

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Fronnie Simulator 2 story

The story of the game begins when a team decides to recover Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza area, where many shady cases and mysterious shapes have appeared. You play a security guard and have the duty to monitor and learn about the incident.

The game has a link with the CCTV system to help you observe different positions in the restaurant. You will face spooky elements and try to avoid them to survive throughout the night. Your task is to manage energy, control the door, and view the camera to ensure your safety.

By overcoming difficult levels, you will discover secrets that have been hidden over the years. The story of Fronnie Simulator 2 will reveal more about the mysterious past of the ghost puppets and the complex storyline of the FNAF fan games list.


The gameplay in Fronnie Simulator 2 is similar to the previous FNAF games. So players will go to an executive organization with three said robots, called Fazbear Entertainment. The player’s task is to solve security issues and perform specific tasks.

This game offers many different options for players when controlling Fronnie. You can choose to keep the demons alert to avoid being attacked or directly attack other characters to accomplish the goals. You can also customize the appearance and equipment of Fronnie to suit your play style.

The structural game is the task and the intensity of difficulties increases when you go further in the game. Your mission can be to destroy some specific goals, keep it safe for other robots, or find out the secrets of Fazbear Entertainment.

The gameplay in this game often requires tactical thinking and quick response. You have to think carefully and make smart decisions to achieve goals without being attacked by other characters.

In addition, the game also has an evolution and enhancement system for Fronnie. You can upgrade the character’s skills and equipment to become stronger and face more difficult challenges.

This game is famous for its beautiful graphics and horror sound, creating a tense and scary atmosphere for the player.

This game is a horror FNAF game with diverse gameplay, requiring tactical thinking and character training. It is a great choice for FNAF fan games and wants to experience a new perspective on this world.


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3.4/5 - (9 votes)
3.4/5 - (9 votes)
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