Golden Memory Remastered


Golden Memory Remastered, which is for free download on our website, is a horror fan-made game that takes inspiration from the well-received game Five Nights At Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon. Essentially, the game still bases on the plot of the original and promises to bring a thrilling experience. Let’s welcome it!


The story centers around Fredbear’s Family Dinner, a new pizzeria in the town. The main attraction here is animatronics used to make kids and parents happy. However, during the night, they realize that the behavior of these animatronics becomes weird and unpredictable. Therefore, this pizzeria decides to hire a security guard who will work from 12 am to 6 am in order to make sure these animatronics normal.

Golden Memory Remastered
Golden Memory Remastered

And you will take the role of this pizzeria. Your job is to check and monitor the camera system in your office, watch animatronic at every corner to make sure everything is all ok.

Again, you will be experienced familiar characters from the FNAF game including Freddy, Fredbear, Springbonnie, Bonnie. Specifically:

  • Bonnie will go in the ventilation. You have to click on the button to lock the ventilation. It will make a noise as a signal that it has gone away
  • Freddy, Fredbear, and Springbonnie will appear in your office. In order to let them go away, you have to press the orange button on your control panel

Now you are able to download Golden Memory Remastered for free here and start your job!

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