Into the Pit: Lights Out

Into the Pit: Lights Out is one of the most popular horror-survival FNaF fan games. Discover secrets in a dark place and use up abilities to evade scary creatures!

Into the Pit: Lights Out
Into the Pit: Lights Out

Into the Pit: Lights Out Storyline

Visit Fazbear’s Magic Pit every customer can relax, entertain themselves, and witness featured shows. However, the manager should only allow kids to feel free in the safest area and eat good pizzas.

It is a popular attraction for the whole city. It is also the place in which you are going to experience the most terrifying moment.

Although the location looks lively during the daytime, it can quickly turn into a graveyard at night.

To make sure that there are no intruders and anything strange for animatronic mascots, the owner has hired you.

After entering the office, you can instantly get into trouble with these machines. You are forced to protect yourself because the company says that they aren’t responsible for any injuries or deaths.

Once you complete the fifth night, you can join the “Fun in the Pit” Mode.

Into the Pit: Lights Out is free to download! Aside from 5 playable nights, you can unlock other stages and Easter Eggs. Please attempt to survive as long as possible!


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