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Jerry’s Nightshift is a famous horror game. This game will have more fighting nights and you will have more time to experience fear. Jerry’s Nightshift for PC. This is also one of the FNAF fan games list. What are you waiting for without exploring?

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Jerry’s Nightshift is a horror game and is part of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. This game revolves around the story of a person working in a location and facing scary monsters.

In the game, players will need to be alert and fight to survive over the night. Jerry’s Nightshift brings dramatic and scary experiences to players. You can download this game and discover more about the story and its features on the official website of Five Nights at Freddy’s.


This game will allow players to download the main story of the game. Players will need to destroy some monsters to find clues about the game. While these monsters are still alive, you will not be able to escape. Therefore, you need to be alert and fight with them.

They will attack you, especially when the last night comes. This game will bring joy to players through fan games. You can download the main game and experience new features at our website.


Jerry: If Jerry comes to the left door, shut it so that he can leave.
Garry: Close the door if Garry appears at the correct entrance, and he will leave.
Rock: If the rock arrives in your hallway, shine a spotlight in his direction, and he will disappear.

Are you a fan of the horror game genre? If you want to experience the sensational feeling, download the game immediately. Surely you will have interesting and impressive moments when playing this game. FNAF fan games, hurry up!


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