JOLLY: As Above so Bellow

JOLLY: As Above so Bellow for PC. This is a horror game that is partly based on the FNAF game and the story of “JOLLY”. The inspiration for creating the game comes from Jollibee’s: As Above, So Below created by author IvanG. But with JOLLY: As Above so Bellow, the story in the game will not be related to Jollibee. The game was released by LBM Shipments Inc. on gamejolt on November 20, 2022, for FNAF fan games.

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JOLLY: As Above so Bellow Story

20 years after the closure of Jolly’s Magic World due to the murder of 5 children in the restaurant, JOLLY Entertainment decided to open a new restaurant with new versions of the animatronics, the Fantasy animatronics.

Days before the inauguration, the police decide to investigate the restaurant to avoid misfortunes such as the murders of 20 years ago, ploce officier David Johnson is sent to the new restaurant to investigate for a few days and ensure that everything is fine, anyway, what could it go wrong?


Chapters will be a way of separating the game into sections, each chapter will bring new playable content to the game, these will not be separate games, they are simply a way of adding the remaining content of the game progressively, like DLC

The first chapter of the game called “Fantasy Comes to Life” will have the first part of the story mode, including extra things like:

  • Achievements
  • Custom night
  • Unlockables

And other secret things

And no, each chapter will not have the same mechanics but each time more difficult, each chapter will be totally different from the other

JOLLY: As Above so Bellow free download. The game is edited and released in a complete version through the story that will happen to the player in 6 main nights and some additions such as subtitles, minigames, custom nights,… This will be a very attractive game in the FNAF fan games list.


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JOLLY: As Above so Bellow Screenshot 4

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5/5 - (1 vote)

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