Welcome to Neversong! It is a horror game made by Serenity Forge, which is Free for Download here on our website. A horrible adventure is waiting for all of you.

This game begins with the main character named Peet. His life was gloomy until one day, he found his friend. But a bad thing happened. As a Peet, you fainted after Wren was kidnapped. When waking from a coma, you begin an adventure to find your sister. Your missions are to make an investigation of the screams that come from the Black Wood’s heart, the strangely violent behavior of the grown-ups, as well as the strange truth about the mysterious past of Pete.


Here are some characteristics that you can experience while playing the game:

  • From the misty peaks of Ashcliff to Reddington Meadow, discover a total of 10 haunting, illustrative levels
  • Fight against monsters, spiders, and bloodthirsty grown-ups in your own way by using your barber’s blade.
  • Take yourself deeper into the appealing piano-centric soundtrack.
  • Take part in with your strange child-hood friends and a trusty pet bird in the discovery of exploring the hidden truth about your recent coma.

We cannot spoil too detailed information about this game. It is time for you to download Neversong for free and try it out yourself.

Serenity Forge @serenityforge


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