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Nights With Peashooter’s free download. This is an attractive and stressful game, giving you the experience of exploring, surviving, and puzzling in  the FNAF fan games list

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Nights With Peashooter’s Story

“The creepy feeling filled with dark space, the sparkling stage of the light makes the heart of the player’s heart can affect. It is the first night of the player when working at the Nights with Peashooter’s game—the bizarre world, where plastic plastic animals become vivid.

That night, I was tasked with looking after and defending this special building. I looked at the light switch, they faded a little, creating a dark atmosphere for the night crying. All I have is just a compact air gun in my hand.

The animals “incarnate” the villains in the game. This becomes extremely dangerous and bizarre. The player’s assistant has warned me about their impact, telling me that if they reach their goals, the outcome will be very bad.

The day and night passed, and the obsession and stress increased every second. You can get in this game, you cannot take your eyes off to find animals to stop them. You hear the mild rhythm when time passes, but you can’t understand it is a reminder for you to go home and rest.

Finally, you passed one night, then the next night, and the next. Every night becomes more scary and more difficult. The animals become smarter and seek to deceive the player. Sometimes I don’t know if it’s reality or just a scene in the game.


Your task is to keep the restaurant safe throughout the night. While Peastooter and friends in Plants vs. Zombies play games to attack you.

Nights with Peadooter’s play is similar to FNAF. This is where you have to monitor the security rooms and security systems to detect and prevent scary monsters. The game will occur throughout five nights, and every night will be harder than the previous night. You will have to manage your energy, use the camera and door to keep Peashooter safe, and protect yourself from monsters’ attacks.

The game has 2D graphics and a simple interface but creates a terrible and tense space. You will have to keep calm and smart to survive overnight. In addition, FNAF fan games can also customize the difficulty and challenges of the game to meet your needs.


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