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NIGHTSTARS free download. Join and experience Nightstars to explore this dramatic and thrilling story!

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In FNAF’s Nightstars game, the FNAF fan games will play as a young guy named Jack. This is a security guard at an amusement park called Nightstars.

Nightstars is a large and famous amusement park for interesting games and acting. However, since the park is open, many mysterious incidents and suspicious disappearances have occurred. Jack is responsible for monitoring the park’s various areas to ensure security and find out the causes of those scary incidents.

During the exploration and discovery, Jack discovered that Nightstars was affected by the scary souls of the bizarre Animatronic puppets. Those are nights of murder and hunger. Jack must overcome dangerous challenges to continue surviving and find the mystery behind Nightstars.

The secrets will be revealed gradually as Jack gets closer to the truth and fights to protect herself from the attack of scary supernatural forces in Nightstars. Can Jack rescue this game from the obsession of ghostly souls?


In this game of the FNAF fan games list, the player will play as a security guard of an entertainment center. This place is famous for crazy and dangerous clown puppets.

The gameplay of the game focuses on having to monitor and keep the entertainment center safe for 5 nights. Players must use the camera system to monitor clown puppets moving in the space and must close or turn off the light as they approach.

The interesting point of Nightstars is the pressure of playing space.


The character in this game of Five Nights at Freddy’s includes:

Max: The director of this game, he is responsible for managing and supervising the staff and the operation of the amusement park.

Sarah: Nightstars’s manager, she is the instructor and trainer of new employees and keeps everything going smoothly.

Luna: One of Nightstars’s best employees, she is the main singer of the dance team and always gives the audience impressive performances.

Jack: Nightstars’s professional technician, he is responsible for the maintenance and repair of technology equipment in the park.

Shadow: One of the most scary characters in this game. This he was one of the Animatronics who had forgotten and risen with the intention of revenge.


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3.7/5 - (4 votes)
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