Old_Games_Collection is really what you are looking for! It is a great collection of old games that are highly recommended for all fans of the horror genre. If you want to enjoy the game right now, let’s download it for free here.


Actually, the author decided to bring many old games together into a collection in order to meet the need of the players. In this collection, there are many well-received fan-made games that take inspiration from the original FNAF of Scott Cawthon.

Specifically, the game consists of:

  • One Night at Chica
  • One Night at Chica 2
  • One Night at Chica 3
  • The Return of Bonnie’s
  • One Night With Your Nightmare 2

Instead of downloading these fan games separately, which may make you waste your time, you now are able to download this unique collection to enjoy all of your favorite games as mentioned above. It is time for you to play together with your desired animatronic robots such as Chica, Bonnie, and their friends.

You also have to try your best to survive the attacking of animatronic characters in each game and win the game as soon as possible.

Old_Games_Collection certainly does not waste your time and effort anymore. It makes sure to bring all of you many experiences full of fun and joy. Download it for free here.


EXsc0RD @LaRDeNGames

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