Ominous Mistake ( FNAF: OM )

Ominous Mistake (FNAF: OM) is one of the most amazing Five Nights at Freddy’s fangame that you should try.

Ominous Mistake ( FNAF: OM )
Ominous Mistake ( FNAF: OM )

About the game

As you know, there are loads of Five Nights at Freddy’s fangame has been launched and loved. Every fangame brings a particular experience respectively. Ominous Mistake (FNAF: OM) is not the exception. And now it is simple to approach that game since it is free download for your PC right now.

What does the game offer?

Once beginning Ominous Mistake (FNAF: OM), that means you have triggered a new amazing adventure. You will be placed in the building and you have to confront numerous animatronics when you are working in the workplace. Your job is to maintain the safety of the building through some nights. Obviously, the animatronics will not let you do it easily. They always want you to be disappeared in their location, thus you have to protect yourself and overcome them by wielding your tools alongside strategies.

After you have finished your whole tasks through these creepy nights, you will get the victory. Ominous Mistake (FNAF: OM) offers some impressive features including voice acting, subtitles, great cutscenes, or secret story.

Sum up

With these excellent features, Ominous Mistake (FNAF: OM) now is a suitable game for those who are looking for fresh experience while playing a horror game. Click on the “Download” button and you will get this amazing game.


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