One Night with a Box 2 (joke game)

One Night with a Box 2 (joke game) is a free horror Five Nights at Freddy’s fan game. Enter a strange place, locked with bizarre items, and remember to protect you from deadly monsters!

One Night with a Box 2
One Night with a Box 2

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One Night with a Box 2 is known as a stupid and funny title created by bubygamer11.

Start off with a guy. Your story will begin at a creepy building including various areas.

The mission is to survive as long as possible. So, who are the antagonists that you have to deal with?


If you are a newbie or a person who dies multiple times, you can check the following tips.

At first, a broken box will appear or a white one with smashed spots over him.

As a night watchman of the location, you will sit in an office. What you must do is to punch your enemy quickly.

To defeat the toy Boxes, you ought to wait for them until they get close to the room. Next, open the newspaper. It is the weapon.

If you don’t spot any flashing in your space, you will get a deadly jumpscare.

Don’t read the news for too long!

If you find a golden crate on the left side, please choose the camera.

Whenever a triangle flashes on the monitor, shut down the crowbar error window. Don’t hit the wrong button! To undo it, left-click on the Cancel.

Play One Night with a Box 2 (joke game), use tutorials properly, and you can stay alive!


BubyGamer11 @BubyGamer11

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