One Week at Flumpty’s (1st night)

Play One Week at Flumpty’s (1st night) and join a scary FNAF Download fan game for free! Become a security guard and your mission is to block monsters from jumping at you.

One Week at Flumpty
One Week at Flumpty

One Week at Flumpty’s (1st night) Description

The official game of One Week at Flumpty’s is canceled. However, it’s possible for you to play in it, but only on the first night.

Don’t ignore One Week at Flumpty’s 2! It’s also a horror title.


You will start off with a night watchman at a creepy building containing plenty of rooms and zones. Each of them follows a different theme and has strange items.

Via the surveillance system, you can check them and keep track of lurking creatures.

Aside from cameras, you will own some lights and a few unimportant tools.

Regardless of the devices you control, you must stop roaming beasts from getting close to your office. Otherwise, they will grab and kill you.

One Week at Flumpty’s (1st night) is a strategy game based on Five Nights of Freddy’s. It’s crucial to prevent the foes and protect your life until you finish the night shift. Get ready to join the challenge by connecting to the download as soon as possible!


Michael Schmidt @Michael_Schmidt
4.1/5 - (10 votes)
4.1/5 - (10 votes)

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