One Week at Flumpty’s Fan-Made

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screen shots

If you’ve ever played One Night at Flumpty’s, don’t miss One Week at Flumpty’s Fan-Made. Are you ready with One Week at Flumpty’s Fan-Made Free Download?


That is a game with the horror genre. You can experience similar games with the FnaF series. After the trial, which received a response from many players as well as many edits, the final version of this game was released on August 16, 2018. Team TeleWare developed one Week at Flumpty’s Fan-Made.

One Week at Flumpty's Fan-Made
One Week at Flumpty’s Fan-Made


You are an ordinary citizen. And without any reason, Flumpty Bumpty and his friends kidnapped you simply because they hit you. They want you to join a week-long game. What will you experience in that week? Let’s find out!

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Of course, in the horror genre, at One Week at Flumpty’s Fan-Made, you’ll have to spend stressful nights in the face of villains – people who always want to kill you. It would help if you were brave to fight them. Fighting face to face or hiding, no matter what, surviving is the way for you to win and escape this abduction.

But remember, your opponent is terrifying with automatic attack mode. You are their target. They will not be easy for you to defeat. Therefore, fighting face to face did not seem to be the right way.

What tactics do you have to overcome the game and win? One Week at Flumpty’s Fan-Made Free Download is waiting for you. I hope you will have fun moments with this game.

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4.4/5 - (14 votes)
4.4/5 - (14 votes)

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