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Popee and Buddies: Revenant free download. This game will definitely make FNAF fan games excited. Let’s find out!

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Popee and Buddies: Revenant Story

Pope and Buddies: Revenant is a horror game inspired by the FNAF fan games list. In this game, players will play the role of Popee, an automatic record factory maintenance employee.

Everything began to become bizarre when the puppets at the factory began to wake up and become aggressive. Popee must fight them to survive and learn about the secrets of death and the rise of puppets.

The puppets in this game will be ‘revenue’. That means the souls in puppets want to take revenge for their deaths. Popee must find a way to defeat them by using their flexibility and creativity.

The game combines action and mysterious factors, creating a tense and gloomy atmosphere for players. Can Popee rescue Revenants puppets and find the truth behind their death? Play Pope and Buddies: Revenant to explore!


In the game Popee and Buddies: Revenant, the player will play the role of Popee or Buddies in the battle against the “Revenant” characters – the souls revived from the FNAF world (Five Nights at Freddy’s).

Players must overcome different levels, from easy to difficult, to destroy Revenants and collect points. During the game, they will encounter important points such as weapons, and explosives, and face different levels of Revenants.

If the player is not careful, they may be attacked by Revenants and lose points or even fail in the game. To win, players must combine combat skills and flexibility in moving and using weapons effectively.

Finally, the ultimate goal of the game is to destroy all the Revenants and become the last winner.


Popee The Performer – the main character of the game, a red-headed gray rabbit is the star of a funny comedy at the Luna Park fair.

Buddies – a group of supporting characters including Kedamono radio, Papi dub, Mami teacher, and Garco clown performance. They are Popee’s best friends and often make fun of him during the performance at Luna Park.

Revenant – The mysterious ghost character in the game, appears to disturb and dangerous for Popee and the Buddies. Revenant often appears at the end of the game and creates stressful and thrilling situations.


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