[Progress] A Week of Circus Terror

[Progress] A Week of Circus Terror is a fan-made horror game with a creepy story and secrets. You play it and try to survive the night.

[Progress] A Week of Circus Terror
[Progress] A Week of Circus Terror
The game is also based on the popular Five Nights at Freddy’s series made by Scott Cawthon. However, it brings you a different storyline.

There is a house that contained an unexplained suicide of its owner in the 50s. After 40 years, the house has woken up. There is a visitor named Gerald. He ventures into the house to solve the case. His son was lost and now he must find him.

At the same time, the visitor also attempts to solve the terrible history of the house. He wants to uncover the mysteries. You help your character solve the case.

When the night comes, you try to survive it while you find some information about the character’s son. However, this adventure is quite creepy. There are scary creatures that are aiming at you. So, you must defend yourself against them.

Features of the game:

  • Four creepy nights.
  • Four animatronics.
  • A creepy gameplay mechanic.

[Progress] A Week of Circus Terror is still in the development stage. However, it is already good for you to try. Your goal is to solve the mysteries of the place and survive the night.


Richard Haraším @Joyhemia_Entertainment
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