Project Animatronic (Official)

Enjoy Project Animatronic (Official), a new Five Nights at Freddy’s fangame, and fight against all of the hiding scary creatures! Shall you stay alive at the moment the challenge ends?

Project Animatronic
Project Animatronic

Download the official Project Animatronic

Project Animatronic is inspired by the FNaF franchise of Scott Cawthon. It is a reminder.

Therefore, OC characters and the current content is considered a revival of the predecessor named One Night at Freddy Fazgamer’s.

On September 4th, 1996, a year after shutting down the first location, the company determined to set out another. It is called Freddy and Friends Pizza Palace.

They have attempted to salvage everything left in the starting attraction. Besides, they sought out a couple of animatronic mascots.

These mysterious machines are abandoned and rotten. Workers have already move those robots to the local pizzeria. Animatronics are repaired and their parts are replaced, too.

Meanwhile, the manager has called for the creator of them to work the night-shift.

It is the role that you take responsibility for. Unfortunately, it is not an easy job.

How to play:

As the maker, you know that they can roam at night and act strangely. Even, they can cause the death of you if they have the chance to approach your room.

With the surveillance system and some simple tools, you can defend yourself from their attacks. They are jumpscares and they are used to destroy you.

Come to Project Animatronic (Official) and you’d better save the power supply until 6 AM. Are you ready to open the door? Good luck!


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