Project Fredbear

Project Fredbear, which is for free download on our website, is a thrilling fan-made game inspirited by the famous horror game Five Nights At Freddy’s of Scott Cawthon. It promises to bring all of us unforgettable experiences.

Project Fredbear
Project Fredbear


The game brings all of you to to immerse yourself into a creepy story in which you, the main character, have lost a bet with some of your closest friends and at the moment, you are forced to sneak into the Fredbear’s Family Diner. However, suddenly the door closes behind you. You instantly fall into the darkness! What happens to you next? What should you do now?

Animatronic Rebalance


  • Fredbear is hardcore and unforgiving and survives against him is nearly impossible. In order to solve with him, his sight has a new mechanic.
  • When you are in Fredbear’s sight, one meter will be filled up. After that, an auditive cue will allow you to know how much of it is filled. Remember that the nearer you are, the faster it fills up. Consequently, the farthest you are, the slower it fills up.


  • The speed of Bonnie when catching the player will start quickly, then gradually decrease until Bonnie runs out of stamina.


  • Chica will be more quickly than previous, which makes her a bigger threat to you. You are still able to get out of her by all available means.


  • If you fail your task, Foxy will activate instantly. When that happens, you are nearly impossible to survive. If he sees you, he definitely does not let you go.

Download Project Fredbear for free here and enjoy it!Project Fredbear



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