Purple Guy Simulator

Purple Guy Simulator is an interesting fan-made game that centers around the Purple Guy. It takes ideas from the famous horror series: Five Nights At Freddy’s, one of the most enjoyable horror game all over the world. If you want to enjoy the Purple Guy right now, download the game for free here.

Purple Guy Simulator
Purple Guy Simulator

It is a lovely game that definitely brings you experiences full of fun and joy. The gameplay is pretty straightforward. You will take control of the Purple Guy and help him to complete the mission as soon as possible.

In more detail, the game consists of some levels from simple to difficult levels. All you need to do is to make use of arrow keys to make the Purple Guy moves and try to overcome all obstacles. If you let the Purple Guy touch any of the obstacles, you will lose the game. The speed of the game will be gradually increased. The more you progress in the game, the faster the speed will be. Attempt to use arrow keys flexibly.

It is just a mini-game but it promises to bring the players to immerse themselves into the game and play together with the Purple Guy.

Don’t hesitate to download Purple Guy Simulator for free here and enjoy this cute game.


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