Rejected Custom Night 2

Rejected Custom Night 2 has been launched with numerous combinations and funs are waiting for players who love trying horror games.

Rejected Custom Night 2
Rejected Custom Night 2

Different from many Ultimate Custom Night fangames, the characters in Rejected Custom Night 2 has been introduced with numerous colors, but still keep the creepy and horrifying elements that make the game more exciting.


  • 50 able-to-pick characters with AI hard levels from 0 to 20
  • Able-to-open office skins
  • Able-to-open cutscenes
  • Numerous funs



  • Left Click – insert AI
  • Right Click – remove AI


  • W – front vent door
  • A – left door
  • D – right door
  • Q – left vent door
  • E – right vent door


  • CTRL – flashlight
  • SPACE – fan
  • Left Click – drink coffee

Model: Airzke, Arayaentertainment, BlackiieFimose, Blaiiro, Charolette, ChocoProductions2, ChuizaProductions, Coolioart, DankKnight, DoorMatt, Elscamon, Foxbearfilms, Gebemreeves, Gabethewaffle, Gamesproduction, Geta1999, Illumix, Jaidenuwu, Jasontorres15, Jaybaob, Jorjimodels, Lazythepotato, Lettuce-Boi, Lumdomcraft, Luizcrafted, Matax33, MetalSpaghetti, Nathanzicaofficial, PatrykZX, Pizzav144, Popi01234, RiseOfSFMDA, RynFox, Scrappy Boi, Scott Cawthon, Spinofan, Steel Wool Studios, TeamVR, TheBoofster, TheCrowdedOne, ThepixelIYT, Thunder, and Yinyanggio1987.


Some aspects of Rejected Custom Night 2 have been shown above. We hope that will be useful for you. All you have to do is to tap on the “Download” button and get the new experience with the game.


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