Rival_2.0 (LEFT_BEHIND 3)

Rival_2.0 (LEFT_BEHIND 3) Free Download is a creepy survival adventure game. You challenge your bravery to an encounter with animatronics.


The game is a fan creation based on Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon. It also features a variety of animatronics that you have to fight against for your survival. You make your way through a scary building full of those animatronics.

Freddy and his friends, including Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy, are the animatronics of the place. They probably want to entertain you with their show. However, you should be brave when you encounter them.

Since this is a fan game, the toughness of the animatronics is increased. Therefore, you must be careful when you cope with them. They roam the building. So, you have to track their movement through the cameras. You can also use your strategies to outplay them.

Every animatronic has its own characteristics for you to explore. They are different in terms of appearance and ability. When you play, you can explore more about them.

You have some nights to spend in the creepy building with the animatronics. Your goal is to survive them and complete the nights to win.

Rival_2.0 (LEFT_BEHIND 3) for PC is a challenging horror game where you have to be brave enough to cope with animatronics.


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